Theo Paradise-Hirst – Emergency Lighting Conference 2018
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22 May 2018 | Cavendish Conference Centre | London

Theo Paradise-Hirst


Theo has dedicated more than 20 years of his professional life on core design and energy innovation, as head of Llghting at ChapmanBDSP he has an emphasis for working on public buildings. Theo is collaborating with some of the most talked about architects of our time.

Over the years, Theo has worked closely with the BRE and has made major contributions to industry R&D in innovation and has assisted with new codes and guidelines in energy and building design.

  • Tuesday 22 May 2018
    • 12:10 pm

      How to manage emergency lighting across multi-building residential and mixed use estates

      Speakers: Alan Tulla of Lux, Theo Paradise-Hirst of ChapmanBDSP
      How can you best manage the installation, monitoring and testing of emergency lighting across large residential estates such as social housing, care homes or student accommodation? Can the installation be remotely monitored? Can monthly testing be automated? What role can wireless control and communication play?
    • 4:40 pm

      Panel Discussion: Have we got the right levels of illuminance?

      Speakers: Alan Tulla of Lux, Dave Henderson of Advanced and Lux Intelligent, Jason Horton of Tamlite, Theo Paradise-Hirst of ChapmanBDSP
      Is the 1 lux minimum along the centre of the escape route REALLY adequate in an emergency? Or does the fact that most people have a torch on their mobile phone compensate for this inadequacy? What should we aim for if we want to demonstrate best practice?